Vietnam is a coffee powerhouse

Few people would think of Vietnam, and yet we are the second-biggest coffee producer in the world.

If you think of coffee, chances are you think of Brazil. It is the world’s biggest coffee producer, and Brazil has built a reputation for quality coffee over many years. Few people would think of Vietnam, and yet we are the second-biggest coffee producer in the world. Not only would many people not even think of Vietnam in terms of coffee, they probably don’t even realize we produce it. We want to address this, to put Vietnam coffee on the map as a source for coffee lovers all over the world, but how did this situation happen in the first place?

It’s all about the beans

Despite consistently producing coffee that is drunk all over the world, many people still don’t associate Vietnam with coffee, and there is a simple reason for that. While Brazil produces a number of bean types in quantity, covering everything from regular to high-quality products, about 95% of Vietnam’s coffee production is Robusta bean-based coffee.

It results in a cheaper product, but if compared to the Arabica beans that deliver a rich and flavorful coffee experience, it is seen as somewhat inferior, having a more bitter taste and higher caffeine content. That is why Robusta is mostly used for soluble coffee. In the aft, if you’ve drunk instant coffee at any time, there is a good chance it contained at least some Vietnamese Robusta, most instant coffee on the market today does.

The problem for us within the Vietnamese coffee industry is that while instant coffee is very popular, it is often looked down on by consumers, and as such does not provide the reputation that the range of quality Brazilian coffee products out there. However, Vietnam does have high-quality beans too, Arabica strains introduced by the French in the early 1900s.

The new harvest is coming…

What we have discovered, is that as with everything in nature, balance creates perfection. There are certain types of Robusta that are the perfect complement to the Arabica beans grown in the traditional way in Vietnam, and by carefully blending the two we can create something truly unique. The taste and quality stand apart in the market, giving Vietnamese coffee a way to carve out a new audience who recognize Vietnam for the coffee powerhouse it is.

A perfect blend from Vietnam

By finding a balance in the blend, we have created a coffee that has the rich flavor of the Arabian bean with the best of the Robusta, creating a unique coffee flavor unlike anything else you can find. Premium quality coffee that is carefully roasted and blended in Vietnam, able to compete with the best on the market.

The Vietnam coffee industry is too focused on Robusta alone, instead, by using its strengths and combining them with other beans, like the Arabica, truly premium quality coffee can be produced that will make Vietnam out as a leading coffee producer for all sectors of the market.

Not only will this boost the industry profile, but for those farmers producing the beans, it can boost profitability too.

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