There’s a coffee revolution taking place in Vietnam

“Vietnam can do more than soluble coffee” – the customers of our Berlin coffee importer VietBeans said.

Vietnam has not, to this point, been seen as a source of true, connoisseur coffee. Sure, they can produce the regular beans, but for premium coffee, look elsewhere, at least that is the theory. But things change, and one of those is Vietnamese coffee production.

The second largest coffee producer in the world, we are creating a new approach that focuses on premium coffee production from growth to roast in Vietnam itself. Working with local farmers and coffee roasters, we help them identify and cultivate high quality beans using traditional, hand harvesting methods.

Our initiative creates something unique, showing the potential within the Vietnamese coffee industry today while delivering exceptional quality and a vibrant, rich coffee that is exciting drinkers everywhere.

Coffee Story
The Coffee Fram from one of our Partners in DakLak

By working together with farmers and roasting specialists, after drying cherries on nets, which are then peeled, roasted and packed in Vietnam we are creating a true, premium Vietnamese coffee. Using traditional production, we deliver exceptional flavor for our coffee, while quality is maintained through the use of traditional growing , harvesting and roasting processes.

Looking forward or binging it back?

While this new approach to deliver premium quality coffee from Vietnam is revolutionizing perceptions of our local industry, it is not as new as you may first think. In fact, while we as a country may not have been exporting premium coffee in the way that, say, Brazil has, which has built its reputation as the heart of global coffee production, Vietnam does have a history of producing some of the finest coffee in the world.

In the mountainous region of Gia Lai that sits on the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, the indigenous people of the Bazan have lived traditional lives for centuries. Many of the farmers found here have tended the same land through multiple generations, and they have been growing high-quality coffee and pepper throughout that time.

The amazing thing is that Bazan farmers still have trees descended from the very first introduced into the region, Arabian plants that were brought in by the French in the early 1920’s. With fertile, volcanic soil and a suitable climate, coffee has prospered in the region ever since.

Today we work with Bazan farmers who are still tending the same land as their grandfathers, great grandfathers and beyond, a direct link to that Vietnam coffee heritage. The result, incredible coffee produced in a traditional way from those Arabian trees, creating a rich, exotic flavored coffee , a truly premium product that compares to the very best.

Our Goal

Are we looking forward, or are we going back to those earlier times when Arabian coffee grown by the Bazan was recognized for its quality and flavor?

In truth, it’s both. We are building a new heritage for Vietnamese coffee around the world by building on the traditions, know-how and passion for quality that have long been the hallmark of the Bazan farmers. Combine that with our Vietnamese based roasting facilities and the result is true Vietnamese coffee that delivers on quality and flavor for even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

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